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MUMSA is an umbrella Association uniting all Muslim Students in Makerere University with a total of one thousand five hundred students. Despite having a bigger number of students in registers, the Association in undergoing financial breakdown due to increasing responsibilities and key duties to be executed against a low income mainly from well-wishers.

Open Forum

A Guided Discussion forum of Students about the Current Societal issues both local and International to equip them with among others, Professional Public Speaking Skills.

Sports Gala

For Fitness and Encouragement of Brotherhood and sisterhood among the Muslim Students, competitions based on College levels are held every Year.

Leadership Training

This Involves the Induction and Training of New Student Leaders to equip them with the Basic Skills and Competencies to Run and handle their new Offices.

Quran Competitions

MUMSA Organizes Annual Quran Competitions to encourage the Culture of Quran reading and Learning among the Muslim Students.

our priorities


Students' Academic Excellence

MUMSA Encourages and Promotes a well coordinated Students' academic support mechanism that works towards Students Attaining Academic Excellence.

Moral Uprightness

By following a Socially Guided Islamic Code of Conduct, MUMSA encourages the best possible Moral Conduct for all Students.

Social & Professional Connections

Through different MUMSA Engagements, students come to meet and connect with people of different careers & Professions which is a basis for a Future of Connections.

our departments

MUMSA Runs its several Programs with different Departments mananged and ran by the Students themselves.


Department to Foster Educational Excellency of the Students through Career Guidance and Study Circles.


This focuses of Promoting Talent among Muslim Students in the University.

Students & Society

This Deals with Several Programs that connects Students back to their Societies while Creating a Bond of Brotherhood.


Instilling an Islamic Student Life among Muslim Students though Guidance of Quran and Hadith.

Press & Information

Keeping the Student Community in the University always up-to-date with Happenings within the University & beyond.


This Department Manages and oversees the different MUMSA Income Generating Projects.


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