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Makerere University Muslim Students' Association

Makerere University Muslim Students’ Association (MUMSA) is Makerere University’s all inclusive umbrella organization duly registered as a Faith Based Organization in the Makerere University Students’ Guild and Uganda Muslim Supreme council.

MUMSA was started in 1948 as the Makerere Muslims League, later changing to Uganda
Muslims Solidarity in 1956 and finally in 1972 as MUMSA, to act as a networking platform for Makerere Muslim Students and professionals among other objectives. Currently with 1500 registered students. MUMSA has made major strides in Daawa, provision of Career Guidance and strengthening professionalism in the Muslim Community.

Kyeyune Ashiraf

Central Executive Chairman 2021-2022

A little History

The Start

MUMSA can arguably be said to be as old as Makerere University, which started in 1922 as Makerere College. However, the first traces of the Association go as back as 1948 when the first Muslim students were admitted at the defunct Makerere College. These were mainly Zanzibar with the result that saw the construction of the first mosque by the Sultan of Zanzibar in the same year. The mosque currently serves as the mosque library.

The Turning Point

The year 1956 served as the turning point in the efforts to form the Association when the first Muslim African student in the names of ABUBAKAR KAKYAMA MAYANJA (died in
2009, may Allah pardon Him in all that he erred) was admitted to study law at Makerere college.

By 1962, at least 10 African Muslim Students had gained admission, and these mobilized themselves into a body called Uganda Muslims Association, which they later changed into Uganda Muslim Students’ Association. Prominent among these are Professor AbdulMagid Kagimu (President IMAU), Hajji Kibirige Muhammad (former President JEEMA). 

In 1972, Uganda Muslim Students’ Association completed its metamorphosis into Makerere University Muslim Students’ Association (MUMSA) with Professor AdulMagid Kagimu as the official Pioneer Chairman who went on to serve 4 Consecutive Terms of office till 1976, the same year Uganda was admitted to the Organization of Islamic Conference at Lahore, Pakistan. 


What Current Muslim Students Say about MUMSA