Intriguing, informative, transformative and fun!! This was the Makerere University Muslim Students’ Association (MUMSA) annual leadership training and induction 2021 in a nutshell.  The MUMSA leadership training and induction is an event executed annually to usher in a new batch of Muslim leaders to steer forward the Muslim cause. The world in which Muslims live and operate is undergoing rapid changes, bringing along numerous challenges and opportunities which need to be harnessed and addressed in a coherent manner. This calls for a focused and tactical approach to the running of Muslim organizations wherever they exist. The concept of reactive management that has characterized our affairs for long should come to an end; we now need to plan and usher in a strategically planned management into running Muslim leadership at all times. This therefore calls for a deliberate programme to train and induct every MUMSA leadership with practical skills to steer forward the Muslim cause with a clear vision and strategy. This was the justification for the MUMSA leadership training 2021 held at Uganda Muslim Women Vision – Bweyogerere from 25th – 28th February, 2021

With the burning desire to transform the MUSLIM leadership to adapt and fit in the dynamic world, the training was declared open to both the incoming leadership at various levels and interested persons in the entire MUMSA fraternity. It was industriously planned and organized by a committed team featuring the incoming chairman, general secretaries; both incoming and outgoing and few members from the MUMSA Alumni Forum (MAF). Funds were mobilized from amongst the student participants, MAF, Al – Hidaayah foundation, Muslim lecturers and other muslim philanthropists. Every preparation was done in advance for the sake of Allah to ensure that the noble event was a success. 

And who is better in speech than one who invites to Allah and does righteousness and says, “Indeed, I am of the Muslims.”

Qur’an (41:33)

The three days event was smoothly facilitated by committed individuals of various age groups coming from different fields of professionalism including academia, journalism, engineering, medicine among others. The both hands-on and minds-on sessions were deeply engaging, provoking and fun since the topics presented were entirely channeled towards building well-grounded leaders for the huge task of da’wah and every activity deliberately planned to hit the targeted objectives. Some of these radiant topics included Features of productive Muslim personalities, Da’wah; challenges and mitigation, Resource mobilization, How to draft activity concept papers, Islamic leadership, Strategic planning, Effective use of digital platforms for mobilization and communication, Public speaking, Free mixing of sexes (Ikhtilaat), Qualities of an effective meeting, Report writing, Productivity among others. The  MUMSA induction program’s goal is to produce dynamic Islamic leaders who will pioneer social change by acquiring relevant knowledge, skills and approaches to our cause. This is hoped to enable them to perceive and communicate messages that are timely, convincing and effective. The participants were thus admonished against rigidity of the minds; refusal to accept change and cause development but rather encouraged to be dynamic, resilient, patient and flexible in order to achieve the goal of da’wah which is;

…to manifest it (Islam) over all religions…

Qur’an (61:9)

The overall objective of this training is to equip the Muslim student leaders from Makerere University with the basics of management and leadership skills vital in the efficient service of the Muslim students fraternity. As such the participants were divided into five (5) groups namely; Abubakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali and Khadijjah through which group work was administered. Individual quizzes, tests and assignments were also given to evaluate the impact of the training. All these included a wide range of activities both indoor and outdoor which were not only theoretical but also practical, active and fun to do; thanks to the faciltators. The specific objectives of this vital training included;

  1. To pass on to MUMSA practical skills needed in effectively running Muslim students’ affairs in Uganda.
  2. To induct and train the leaders into fitting their roles and meeting the expectations of the entire Muslim community in Uganda and the world at large.
  3. To promote a sense of shared commitment and teamwork in service of Islam.
  4. To create a generation of young Muslims who know their priorities and thus are part of the solution to our problem.
  5. To build their skill in communication, administration and management.
  6. Nurture a positive problem solving ability with commitment and teamwork.
  7. To promote spiritual growth and betterment.
  8. Transfer experiences from the senior brothers and sisters to the young ones so that there is continuity, avoid past mistakes and pioneer new strategies for MUMSA.


One of the engaging on-session  interactions towards the end of the training yielded various prospects from the inspired participants which they intended to realise by the will of Allah during their reign. Some of these included; Broadening the da’wah network, increasing influence within the university, determining the Muslim population at the university, Continuous evaluation, build mutual and lasting partnerships, solve the identified problems of the Muslim community, initiate and effect projects that are highly beneficial to the Islamic cause etcetera. Mr. Mwanje Muhammad; Chairman MUMSA 2004/05, shared the fourteen qualities of a Muslim leader for success in da’wah work;

  • Having a strong body.
  • High moral standards.
  • Cultured thought.
  • Ability to learn.
  • Sound creed.
  • Proper worship.
  • Control over desires.
  • Careful about time.
  • Organised.
  • Helping others.
  • Taking initiatives.
  • Courageous.
  • Ambitious; thinking big.
  • Ability to move others.

Armed with  the inspiration, spiritual development and motivation from the Leadership, the participants pledged commitment to execute their duties with sincerity, loyalty and teamwork by the will of Allah. The three day training and induction event which was concluded on Sunday, 28th February, 2021 was graced by the Imam, deputy Imam and Treasurer MAF.


Munguni Abdallah

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