One of the ways in which Islam has spread since the old ages is through caravans

What's a Caravan?

A caravan is basically a group of people travelling together. In East Africa, Islam came through the trade caravans of the Arabs to the coast.

The MUMSA Caravan is an annual event in which members of the Makerere Muslim Community – and other sister associations – jointly travel to different parts of the country to spread the message of Islam. The objective is to instill a sense of responsibility towards Islam in the participants. This is done by engaging in tasks in line with some of the sunnahs of the prophet Muhammad ﷺ e.g. tahajjud prayer, visiting the sick, cleaning the community surroundings, engaging in daily morning and evening adhkars and sharing knowledge to the locals of the area through darasas; among other activities. 

Unity Travel Dawa

All of these are done collectively in groups so as to enhance teamwork and build a sense of unity of purpose as Muslims. In addition to the core dawa activities of the caravan, we get to enjoy a road trip and the various beautiful scenery in the different parts of the country we visit. Diverse features amongst Allah’s creation are mentioned as signs to be pondered upon in the Qur’an. The caravan is one of those activities in which we can practically see and reflect hence rejuvenating our Iman.

By the end of the caravans, we aim to have made a long lasting impact on both parties – the student participants and the natives of the area visited. As students, we expect to learn and begin implementing new habits in our lives as Muslims, as well as having gained a sense of responsibility towards the general Muslim community. For the locals of the area, new ideas and values are shared. By working hand-in-hand with MUMSA, these can be implemented as solutions to the existing problems in that society.