The open forum is one of the weekly activities organized by the MUMSA leaders to bring together Muslim students to discuss real and relevant issues that they deal with in their communities. This is done every Thursday from 4:30pm-6:30pm at Makerere university main mosque gardens .

A topic of discussion is selected and posted to different groups and members are asked to make research and preparations about it so as to present their views when the right time comes.


Current affairs of the nation and world at large play a role in the way some aspects of our life will operate. For example, new laws and policies, change of leadership, security issues, health threats, Islamic rulings and human rights all affect a nation and consequently, its people.

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The Open Forum is the platform where we come together to discuss current affairs and other issues pertinent to our future. Unlike debates, where the participants inherently have a side, the Open Forum brings together people with different ideas and ideologies who make arguments to defend them. The audience listens and the members supplement the arguments made by either presenting evidence that supports or denies them. The Open Forum is a training ground for research skills, audience analysis, confidence, eloquence and other presentation and public speaking techniques required in the world today. We urge all those with a love for leadership to join the discussions every Thursday evening after Aswr prayer at the mosque grounds.

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