The tea club is a socio-economic platform with a religious blend that is organized every Thursday of the semester after Magrib prayer at the Makerere university mosque library. Just like its name sounds, the tea club is all about coming together as the Muslim community of the university, enjoy our tea escorted with bread sandwiched with jam, sweet pastries and cakes. Besides taking tea, we normally get inspired and cautioned about life experiences from the special invited guests.
Guest speakers are normally invited from the Mumsa Alumni forum, fellow students at the university and also people from sister universities.
Different from other social gatherings in our Muslim community at both hall and college setting, the Mumsa Tea Club is not much spiritual but rather inspirational.
The tea club is a free attend ceremony by the entire Muslim community of the university, alumni and any other persons interested. Non-Muslims are also free to attend as long as they adhere to the Islamic disciplines and dress code.
The impact that the Tea club creates on its attendees is but not limited to;

  • Economic, social and political empowerment
  • Social engagements and interactions
  • Alternative content to Muslim students that supplement the religious study circles etc.

As the Tea Club, we have not had a permanent source of funds but it’s our attendees that just find it worth fully supporting. We therefore, keep waiting to see you all attending and supporting the TEA CLUB every Thursday at the MUK main mosque library.


Wasajja Hamza

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